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Own Your Risk

Automated Cyber Insurance Compliance

Assess, Reduce, Insure and Monitor your Cyber Risk Posture

This breakthrough innovation gives information security teams the ability to assess the risk posture of every asset in your entire network. Unlike scanning, this new technology actively monitors the network traffic these assets use to establish identity, select protocols, negotiate encryption and access data. Objective evidence from these network relationships is then used to identify, prioritize and report gaps and exposures in your network.


What assets in your network poses the highest security risk? Is it Users, Devices, Networks, Applications or Data Assets? Our internal risk factors assessment provides a prioritized list of asset risks, allowing you to mitigate risk by prioritizing what to investigate first.


Let us show you the cyber control gaps that are keeping you from getting the best insurance rates. We have the technology to help you honestly respond to those tough-to-answer network security questions!


Our prioritized list of cyber risk exposures gives you control of your IT spend. Mitigate the exposures that impact your business most and accept the remaining risk until you have the resources to address them.


Once you get your security posture where you want it, we wont let it slip away. Our monitoring is always-on, watching network behavior to ensure your cyber risk is alway in check.

Unparalleled Visibility.
Impeccable Accuracy.

Dragonfly Cyber's technology provides an internal assessment of a company’s cybersecurity posture using small-footprint non-intrusive network sensors. Our patented network traffic analysis technology continuously monitors asset relationships, evaluates the cyber strength of the communication and scores that behavior to multiple risk factors. The result is a real-time reporting of risk factors that drives fact-based risk remediation. These risk factors are invaluable for continuously evaluating enterprise cyber risk management, third-party risk management, progress on board of director initiatives, evaluating cyber insurance posture, and qualifying mergers and acquisition opportunities.

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Are You Ready to Assess Your Business' Network Risk?

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to assess your cyber risk.

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