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Our Vision

We make cyber risk manageable by monitoring network traffic from the perimeter to the core, analyzing data in motion, visualizing risk and alerting to potential threats.

Our Brand

Business data networks are more complex than ever before. It’s no wonder seemingly simple data network questions can no longer be easily answered, like how many devices are connected, where confidential is data stored, and how much of your network is securely encrypted. Our data networks were once centralized and well understood, but now are distributed, dynamic, and complicated. These complexities have made our networks harder to manage and increase our cyber risk.


We started Dragonfly Cyber to give you control over your data network by providing cyber visibility, agility and resilience. These same traits are all embodied in the dragonfly, which is why we selected it to represent our brand. Dragonflies have remarkable vision, near 360-degree visibility with thousands of eyes surveilling their domain. They can quickly respond, within 50 milliseconds, after detecting movement of predators or prey and respond by pivoting flight in any direction, up, down, sideways, forward, and backward to complete mission. Dragonflies are amongst the oldest animals on earth, proved out by fossil records, showing they are adaptable and resilient.

Over a decade ago, our team began the development of a software platform to protect the crown jewels of the Fortune 500, made up of thousands of databases filled with financial records. This led to years of research, many patent grants, hundreds of customer deployments and thousands of customer vulnerabilities uncovered.

Over the years, there has been a rise in data exfiltration, the number of exposed database records has grown, and so has the corporate appetite for purchasing cyber insurance. Due to the success of cybercrime, these insurance companies are getting hit with massive claims. So much so, they are requiring the insured to provide evidence that cybersecurity controls are in place to reduce cyber risk from vulnerable configurations.


Today we have expanded our groundbreaking technology to uncover vulnerabilities and evaluate risk inside enterprise networks from the perimeter to the core. We welcome the opportunity to assess cyber risk in your network.

Our Story

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