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Go Beyond the Surface

Explore your layered defenses with IASM

Internal Attack Surface Management (IASM)

This breakthrough innovation gives information security teams the ability to assess the risk posture of assets exposed to the internet. Unlike scanning, this new technology actively monitors the network traffic these assets use to establish identity, select protocols, negotiate encryption and access data. Objective evidence from these network relationships is then used to identify, prioritize and report insecure configurations.

Internal Risk Factors

What assets in your network poses the highest security risk? Is it Users, Devices, Networks, Applications or Data Assets? Our internal risk factors assessment provides a prioritized list of asset risks, allowing you to mitigate risk by prioritizing what to investigate first.

Certificate Trust

Browsers verify the chain of trust for all end entity certificates, but what about all your other apps?

Our certificate chain analysis performs this same validation for every TLS session in your network.

Database Access

Let's face it, databases are a mystery. No company knows how many they have, where they are located, if they are encrypted, who is accessing them, and the list goes on. It is no wonder the number of exfiltrated records grows year after year. We have the answers to your database security questions.

Identity Exposure

Usernames and passwords are the keys to our digital kingdom. You would think they would be one of the most secure elements in the network, but unfortunately, they’re not. Windows workstations are notorious for exposing credentials in cleartext and weak hashes, as well as all the domain controller session data itself! 

Encryption Visibility

Do you know how much of your business network traffic is protected by encryption? Are the encryption algorithms being used obsolete and easy to crack?

We have the technology to answer these and other tough-to-answer network security questions!

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